Happy Bastille Day!

We’re celebrating Bastille Day by doing most French things we know- smoking, eating cheese and surrendering.

14 July 2012 ·

Happy Throw a Hippy’s Hacky Sack in the Gutter Day!

13 July 2012 ·

"And that, boys and girls, is how Nicolas Cage lost all credibility as an actor."

11 July 2012 ·

Audio Vaudeville Poll

Who sounds like a better superhero villain - Doctor Pummel or The Stickler?

10 July 2012 ·

Audio Vaudeville Fun Fact

In addition to a trophy and the adoration of fans, the winner of Wimbledon also gets a toaster oven and a $15 gift card to Chili’s.

9 July 2012 ·


Gary Busey will be playing Crazy Horse in an upcoming biopic because of his resemblance to a horse and the fact that he is crazy.

7 July 2012 ·

"And that’s the way the cookie crumbles."

~ the CEO of Nabisco, explaining to his children that he and his wife are getting a divorce.

6 July 2012 ·

Things We Think

We think poetry that rhymes things with Nantucket is better than poetry that doesn’t.

5 July 2012 ·

"Happy Independence Day!"

~ Katie Holmes

4 July 2012 ·

In the words of our forefathers, “Let’s hurry up and sign this declaration so we can go drinking.”

3 July 2012 ·

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